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China textile city fabric market this week: artificial cotton price reduced
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Business agency in January 6th - 14 years (13 years on the first week of December 30th -14 year in January 5th), Chinese textile city fabric market viscose rayon cotton marketing continue to shrink, the price more stable, sales continue to decline.

A week, viscose yarn man-made cotton cloth city gas continuous light thinning, customers, orders were limited to a few, the market most in suspension, the market to sell stock, sold small quantities dispersed intermittent, part of the old style slightly promotion.

This week, the fabric market of viscose yarn R artificial cotton (including knitted fabric, silk fabrics, including part of silk fibre cloth "silk brocade" etc) sold a total of about 1200000 meters, compared with last week about 1400000 stable now fall, compared with the same period last year about 800000 meters of substantial growth. (Miu Zhian: 133757537632014-01-06)


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