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Analysis of the week domestic cotton spot market prices (July 7th -7 months 11)
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Business agency 07 months 11 news

1.One cotton yarn market price trend graph


2.Market analysis

One cotton yarn market this week showed a decline trend, a Henan factory family Cotton 30 price in 17500 yuan / ton, the previous price down 300 yuan / ton. The current market price of raw materials is weak, the overall market is still no improvement, the lack of market price order, slightly weaker.

The raw material market, at present the viscose staple of mainstream quotation at 11700-11900 yuan / ton, prices have come down, the overall mentality smooth factory. Part introduced the device repair policy price stability, the market has weak.

In 2014 June, the commodity data business -- Chinese commodity supply and demand index business agency released (BCI) -0.10, were up 0.34%, reflecting the manufacturing economy relatively on the month contraction in the economy is still in the bottom, run.

3.Market forecast

  In general, a certain degree of support for cotton material market, but the terminal market overall improvement is not big, the manufacturers continuous pressure, is expected in the short term will remain stable trend of cotton yarn.   

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