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Hong Cheng corporate culture

Building a good corporate culture, you can correctly guide staff thinking, so that employees establish a correct outlook on life, values, establish lofty ideals, firm political beliefs, the formation of good corporate culture, Create a good environment.

First, the concept of corporate culture

1, the enterprise's core values: all just for your satisfaction

2, the spirit of enterprise: unity, innovation, hard work, progressive

Second, the management culture: people-oriented concept: attention to talent, care for talent, talent is the driving force for enterprise development.

1,re-only:After the new employees get into the job, they will take the initiative to do the work of staff care (familiar with the department, familiar with the factory, work guidance, life care, etc.), Increase the new employee's sense of belonging; Emotional, and career planning. After one year, the department manager focused on cultivating the professional skills and learning and innovation initiative of the staff, establishing a perfect salary system, training system and promotion mechanism.

2, select only:Do a good job in the department staffing, personnel needs to do a good job ahead of schedule plan, try not to appear when people use less hate the situation.

3, Yucai:The establishment of the cooperation between the various departments, the need for staff deployment, focusing on technical personnel training, reserves; do a good job in personnel assessment, assessment of personnel levels, the official hiring batches of different levels of training; , The phased emotional stress, professional skills, teamwork, career planning and other aspects of training to cultivate talent reserves as the primary task, and then consider into economic benefits.

4, with only:Understand the staff's personality, work style, psychology and other multi-directional information, know that employees for their career planning; reasonable arrangements for staff positions, mobilization of staff positions should be from the job suitability, personnel self-development and other aspects of comprehensive consideration.

Third, employee benefits

1, free meals

2, the payment of high-temperature fees, high-temperature comfort goods

3, employee birthday gift

4, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals

5, selection of outstanding annual award staff

6, New Year 's party

7, staff travel

8, staff games

9, paid leave

10, injury condolences

11, accident insurance and so on